CM Punjab Approved Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card How to Apply Online

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Although Pakistan is a developing country, most of the people living here are poor. The government keeps making various policies etc. to help them. In this regard CM Punjab approved Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card scheme which aims to help and empower farmers. It is a smart card which has numerous advantages. Online application can also be done for this smart card. Here’s the complete guide of Nawaz Sharif kisan card apply online.

Apart from this, you can also fill their form and apply for it. It is an excellent scheme launched for farmers in Punjab which also enables farmers to invest in high quality farming practices. It is very easy to apply for this scheme, a complete overview of which is given below.

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What is kisan card scheme

Nawaz Sharif Kisan card is the best decision taken by Punjab government. Its aim is to provide numerous facilities through a smart card. Through this, farmers can benefit from various policies such as taking loans, increasing productivity, etc. This is a step taken for the development and prosperity of farmers. The government wants the development of the agricultural sector, so this development is possible only with the help of farmers. It can also be applied online like PITB portal. In which users can register their information and apply for Kisan Card. In fact, some amount has been allocated for the farmers in this card, from which the farmers can take numerous benefits.

Eligibility criteria

All farmers living in Punjab can apply for this scheme. They will need land information, contact details, details of irrigation system, details of machinery used in irrigation.

Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card Apply Online through PITB portal

First visit the official website of Punjab Information Technology and find the Kisan Card section there. Fill the form here and enter the information like contact details, farming information, land information etc. After that upload all the required documents like identity card, land ownership papers and details of machinery used in the land etc. All these documents are scanned and uploaded. After completing the application, be sure to review it once and then submit it. It is also important to keep an eye on any updates from the Punjab portal after submitting your application from time to time.

نواز شریف کسان کارڈ

How to Apply For a Kisan Card Through HBL

One can also apply for Kisan Card from Habib Bank Limited. For this it is very important to have HBL account. Go to any branch of HBL and ask for a Kisan Card form. Then fill the form and enter the required information like contact details, cultivation information, land information etc. After that add necessary documents like land information and ID card copy etc. Review the application once and submit it. After that wait for any update from them.


Benefits of this scheme are give as,

  • The objective of this Kisan Card is to provide various benefits to the farmers like bank services and credit facilities etc to make it easier for them to overcome financial constraints.
  • Kisan card holders also get seeds, fertilizers and other inputs at affordable prices to reduce their financial burden and increase productivity. 
  • Kisan Card also provides crop insurance to the farmers which helps them to cover the loss due to crop failure due to natural calamities or other reasons. 
  • It is actually a cooperation from the government to ensure the development and prosperity of the country by getting maximum profit from the farmers from their land. 
  • The objective of this scheme is to empower the farmers and develop the agricultural sector.


Kisan Card Scheme has been started to help the farmers. This is a scheme designed to solve financial problems faced by farmers. This means that the financial burden of the farmers will be reduced and their production will be better. Farmers will be economically stable and develop and Punjab will develop. Online application for Kisan Card can also be done as described above. It can be registered by submitting an application. Kisan Card Scheme is the guarantee of development and prosperity of Punjab.


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